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Shoe Shine Care Tips


Basic care

The very first step in the care and keeping of your shoes has nothing
to do with creams or brushes. It is about how long you wear your shoes.
Never wear one pair of shoes more then one day at a time and give them a
24 hr pause. This gives the moisture that ALWAYS accumulates during the
time your shoes are worn the time to evaporate. Never leave your shoes by
an artificial heat source. This will cause the leather to crack.

Acquire for your good shoes good quality shoe stretcher out of natural wood so that the moisture in the leather can be taken up into the wood. With the shoe stretcher the original form of your shoes will be kept. They will also prevent creases/folds in the leather and remove them when they occure. Make sure that your shoe stretchers aren't too tight.

Always put on your shoes using a shoehorn. This is especially important with slip-on shoes to prevent the back from loosing its form.

With these first steps alone you have already greatly improved to life and appearence of your good shoes. Cleaning and care of smooth leather shoes
The cleaning of the leather is basic beginning for the correct and long
term care of your fine shoes. Dirt, i.e. soil, is removed with a cleaning
brush from top to the sole. Next, using a cleaning cream (BURGOL Cleaning
Cream) applied with a cloth, clean the leather. Then remove and clean
leather with lightly moist sponge inside and out.
Let the shoes dry a little before creaming then with a mix emulsion
(Glastiegel). Use a small edge brush to get into the interface between shoe and sole.

Over the rest of the shoe leather use an application brush or soft application cloth sparingly. The mix emulsion will carry more
moisture into smooth leather the normal store bought shoe cream and builds an excellent basis for fine shoe care. Let the mix emulsion soak in the brush it with a horse hair brush.

There after to protect and impregnate the surface of the leather apply a hard-wax cream very thinnly to the top leather of your shoes. For this, we recommend our exquisite hard-wax creams available in our on-line shop. Our hard-wax creams are the finest available. Allow this application at least 30 mins. to soak in. Still better, overnight, then polish with one of our fine goat hair brushes to a beautiful, long lasting shine.

Cleaning of suede and buckskin shoes

Never use shoe creams, hard wax, or mixed emulsion. The leather will become greasy and can never return to its original condition. For rough leather (suede, etc.) there are special brushes for this job. With a plastic or brass brush the leather is brushed out softly. For especially soft suede (Nubuk leather), we have a specialy brush designed for this kind of leather. For especially dirty suede a special leather erasor can without much force do this job. After cleaning an suede can be impregnated with a suede impregnator.

At some point if dirty enough a real wet cleaning is nesessary with a velour leather cleaner (i.e. from Saphir). After a wet cleaning stuff the shoes with newspapers. Again alow only a slow natural drying without extra heat. After a wet cleaning use the appropriate brush for your leather type when dry. After dry and brushing use suede impregnator.

All the products for the above cleaning proceedures are available in our on-line shop. If you have any special questions or problems concerning your shoe care, send us an e-mail ( We will be happy to help you. You can also send your problem shoes to us by post and we will take over the expert care and can even repairs. Prices for this service are in our rubric pickup & deliver service.