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Shipping & Returns

For every seperate order we will calculate a basic shipping cost of Euro 5,95.
For deliveries outside of Germany but still in the EU 16,90 Euro  will be charged.
Outside the EU shipping is via package service (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.) 76 Euro. This will be a "Charges Collect" at destination shipment with an additional service cost of Euro 4,00 
If it becomes nesessary for technical reasons to send more then one package, no extra per/package fees will be added.

Für eine Anzeige der Versandkosten wählen Sie bitte das Zielland für Ihre Bestellung aus.


Staffelung Gesamtpreis
Bis 10.000,00 EUR 5,40 EUR
Über 10.000,00 EUR - Kein Versand -